Our Sponsors & Partners

Our annual festival is made possible by generous donations of time, talent, and expertise from the following organizations, foundations, community businesses, and individuals. Become a supporter today by making a donation to our organization. Make your tax deductible donation online . As always, thank you for your financial contributions which make our free annual festival possible.

Please Join Us in Saying Thank You to our Sponsors & Supporters!




Elsie Cobb

Joseph & Barbara Andrade


Denise and Paul Fuhrmann

Marsha Tupper

Maida Withers

Denise DeCoster


Steve and Jeanne Hogseth

Mary & Noel Poe

William & Drayton Gerety

Amy & Mike Csenge

Willow Canyon Outdoor


Gordon & Donna Huntsman

Cynthia VonHalle

Cathy Moore

Loretta Ozga

Marlene Israel

Stephen Dahl

John & Kathy Jefferis

Jana Beebe

Suzanne Stensaas

Winona Reid

Ellen Fisher

Jan Wieneke

Marc Coles-Ritchie

Donna & Gordon Huntsman

Patricia Guerrero

Judith Steinbock

Rick Sherman

Robert Jackson

Carlos Aponte